Where to buy stretch ceiling film?

The manufacturers managed to realize the best innovative solutions in modern fabric stretch ceilings, to achieve excellent compatibility of shades and textures.

The manufacturers of stretched canvas, stretched film, stretched membrane are in Europe. They are the inventors of this fantastic concept. For decades, they have developed numerous tests, technical improvements, color additions and they increase the dimension of wide. The development of new stretch ceiling installation techniques has come largely thanks to the full involvement of the manufacturers of stretch ceiling fabrics. The manufacturers provides the raw material, the most important material for us, installer of stretch ceiling fabrics. Then it is sold in rolls to thousands of companies who will cut this fabric to properly install the stretch ceilings. If your canvas retailer purchased their raw material from an unscrupulous and unsecured manufacturer, then the installer would also get a lower quality stretch ceiling canvas. This is why we have been using the same stretch ceiling cutting company for over 20 years. From our beginnings of installation in France until today in the USA. Our fabrics are guaranteed of superior quality and controlled provenance. We do not buy stretched canvas from EXTERNAL countries to EUROPE for your safety and our professionalism. 

France is considered a trendsetter in many ways. So stretch ceilings began the world procession from here. Preferring French companies, we choose fashion, sophistication and advanced technology. In addition to France, PVC film ceilings are made in other European countries

Price Competitiveness: if you notice a lower price from a competitor, do not hesitate to tell us about this difference. We are constantly concerned to allow you to obtain the best rates.

No stretch ceiling installer can buy directly from the stretch fabric manufacturer. The stretch ceiling installer can only be obtained from its dealer.

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