Popcorn Ceiling Solution the Stretch Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling Solution ?

Stretch Ceiling is the Solution

Nevada ceiling diy renovation

With the stretch ceiling solution, your Popcorn problems will be forgotten. Indeed, in the same day and without moving your furniture you will have a superb new ceiling. The installation of the stretch ceiling is not dirty, is not dusty, is not odorous. No need to cover all the furniture, no need to arrange your house or your working time over several days. The Stretch ceiling will not need to be scraped or sanded or repainted, and we install our stretched canvas just below a few centimeters. All your inserts such as chandelier, air conditioning, smoke detector can be repositioned in the same place without inconvenience for your comfort. Trust the latest stretch ceiling technology and without delay contact us for a free quote.

Before and After with the Stretch Ceiling System