Where Ceiling Florida can be installed

Batica-Renov USA stretch ceiling is an extremely versatile ceiling system that can fit practically any shape and be installed in virtually any kind of room inside or cover outside, with only a few exceptions. Batica-Renov, USA, advise our future customers against installing the stretched ceilings in the following cases:
a room with a very low structural ceiling;
a room exposed to extreme cold (32°F or cooler);
a very hot area such as a sauna (155°F or above);
a room intended for physical activity, if the ceiling can be touch by anyone or any sharp object that may damage the stretch ceiling;
most outdoor locations if they are not covered.

Other than that, you can install a stretch ceiling system pretty much anywhere. For instance, if you live in a place that has a year-round warm climate, you can have a stretch ceiling safely installed in a gazebo or a porch. Also, stretch ceilings can be readily shaped into complex, multiple decorative objects to cover a larger area or achieve wonderful interior design effects, although in this case we’d say it’s better to contact us Batica-Renov USA a qualified professional, will give you advice.

A simpler stretch ceiling design involves one stretched membrane that covers the entire ceiling area and adds pleasant visual effects to a living room or bedroom.
Please contact us for further information.

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