what is stretch ceiling systems?

What is stretch ceiling systems?

The Stretch Ceiling system Batica-Renov USA is a suspended ceiling consisting of two simple basic materials
perimeter track fiked to the perimeter wall.
Lightweight fabric membrane.

The membrane film is stretched from wall to wall and clipped into the profile track.

Also, the Stretch Ceiling System can be used for wall coverings, light diffusers, floating panels, exhibitions and creative shapes, increase the volume perception of a room and add a smooth finish.

Stretched Ceilings Batica-Renov, USA, allow the incorporation of all types of light fixtures, A/C vent, Smoke detectors, Chandeliers, Spotlights, Speakers, Video Cameras. We offer many different colours 300+ and 18+ finishes including our different translucent colors range which offers a fantastic opportunity to create clean and cool or loud and colourful lighting effects and features, using the membrane for light diffusion, backlighting and front or rear projection or with the printed version for an unlimited possibility. The membrane film is only 0.18mm thick, extremely light weight and offers approximately 85% light transmission.

The sheet material membrane is pre-finished.
Stretch Ceiling membrane Batica-Renov USA is waterproof and will provide a vapour barrier ensuring no corrosive vapours pass through the ceiling into the attic and steelwork stud above. With this peace in mind, the Stretch Ceiling Batica-Renov USA system is ideally suited to the Pool, Bath or any humid room environment and with a vast range of colours and finishes, increased light reflection, improved acoustics.
Batica-Renov USA Stretch Ceiling is maintenance free and 100% recyclable the product adds to your creative resources and lets you invite imagination into each and every design and each room.

Stretched Ceilings can extend to any aspect of life, from the home, office, commercial, warehouse, indoor pool, restaurant, Hotel,exhibitions, retail & leisure and many more.

We are professional in Stretch Ceiling installations, and we are highly recommended by general contractors, designers, builders, engineers and architects for decades, built on our vast experience and skills gained with the stretch ceiling products and customer services.

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What is a Stretch Ceiling ?

The Stretch Ceiling is just 2 Components : Profile + Membrane