The experience make the difference, our company was created in 1990 in France !

Florida is a perfect State place to install the stretch ceiling system, a lot of renovation around different city.

A lot of Hotels, Motels, businesses, Warehouses, Houses, Condos, Boats and offices.

This amazing material can be installed the same day +300sqf+ so your client will be back in their house the same day and for the hotel will be able to rent again the following day, business back in a quick time and the office space can be available also the next day!

Contractors, what is the REAL COST and time installing your CEILING DRYWALL?

The real final price for this type of installation? Drywall + Mud + Tape + Primer + Paint + Days of waiting doing this.

We can work together on your final ceiling project (Stretch Ceiling system or Drywall?).

We install Matte finish Stretch membrane and/or Satin finish Stretch Ceiling membrane.

The glossy membrane is designed to enlarge the space of the room.

It’s a very good opportunity for your customer.

Don’t hesitate give us a call for an estimate or send us pictures of your project by SMS or by email.

Our Stretch ceiling membrane characteristics are:
Acoustic Properties ISO 354:2003 – 100mm VOID
Absorption coefficients guide for typical installation using stretched materials with minimum 40mm insulation above.
Break resistance Longitudinal: 196.60kg/cm2
Break resistance Transversal: 220.70kg/cm2
Thermal Emission Factor NH/PTH
Thermal Emission Factor ESPIL
Matte 0.83 / Satin 0.83 / Lacquer & Metallic – 0.84
Typical average for Lacquer – 4.10 at 11 ohms
Lengthening break resistance Longitudinal: 230 %
Lengthening break resistance Transversal: 308 %
Vapor Barrier
Water Vapor Permeability Tested To BS 3177
Health Safety
Typical Microbiological Trial
14 Days – chlorinated solution wipe after 7 days – inoculated Bacterium:
E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Yeast, Mold: NONE DETECTED.

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Phone : 786.334.0392

Location : Miami – Fort lauderdale – Palm Beach – Orlando – Tampa – Jacksonville – Gainesville

DIY stretch ceiling canvas fabric membrane fans
Before after Stretch Ceiling USA
DIY stretch ceiling canvas fabric membrane
Before after Stretch Ceiling USA
DIY stretch ceiling in office
Stretch ceiling USA Before After
Before After Stretch Ceiling USA